About Our Company

We focus on companies and entrepreneurs who have big ideas and want to create transformative consumer experiences through the power of the internet. Investments are typically made at early stages (seed, round A or B) and involve capital placements of $50,000-$500,000. In addition, we typically play an active advisory role for these companies offering advice and mentorship to help maximize their chance for success.We also assist innovative, overseas digital companies that want to establish a presence in Australia/NZ. By understanding the local market and injecting our own capital, we can accelerate the growth of the business in this region to attain market leadership.

How We Can Help


Early stage companies have great ideas but often times cannot bootstrap themselves to profitability. Other companies have customers and revenue, but want to invest in technology or new markets to accelerate growth. We have committed funds that are ready to be placed with entrepreneurs and can finalize investment decisions quickly.


We have worked with both large and small internet companies, and have grown companies to become market leaders in their sectors. We understand the inner workings of the biggest global internet companies but also how to build an innovative business from the ground up.

Hands On Approach

We dedicate time on-site to our portfolio companies, and will arrange and attend key meetings with strategic partners or clients. Informal mentorship and advice through email or a quick phone call can help avoid common pitfalls and guide decisions.


Tasman Ventures has key relationships in large web companies in Australia, the US, and the UK. These connections are critical to helping start the dialogue to create key strategic partnerships, or eventual exits. In addition, Tasman Ventures also has tight relations with Venture and Private Equity entities both in Australia and the US. While this stage of financing may not be required by every venture, it can also be a critical stepping stone for some.


We have been on the buying side from big media companies and know how they evaluate and process acquisitions. We can help ensure that you build it the right way and help navigate the right introductions and due diligence process.


Tasman Ventures strives to achieve the highest standard, and aligns with companies that pursue the same.We work as partners and align our interests to ensure the best outcome for all parties.

Investment Criteria


Innovative Ideas that are simple but shatter current paradigms and change consumer behaviour for the better.

Sectors that currently have a poor experience or dysfunctional process.

Industries or Vertical where we have experience & passion. (social networks, classifieds, ecommerce, sports, mobile, banking, media, messaging, digital advertising)


Market Size within large emerging markets with an ability to monetize.

Potential for Market Leadership either by being 1st to market or building a competitive advantage.

Scalable Model that can grow dramatically with little incremental cost.


Leadership Team of great people who are committed to persevere through the ups and the downs.

Active Role where we can add value.

Our Portfolio


Global crowd sourcing for design work (raised VC round @30X investment in late 2014)


Open, view, share & pay your bar tab or restaurant bill


A new model for elastic recruitment


Sharing and discovering local experiences


Discover the Best Places on Earth


Eye tracking technology on any device


Next-generation online job marketplace

Greenlight Energy

Developer of wind power generation projects Acquired by BP Alternative Energy for 8X return on investment(NYSE: BP)